F.A.Q. & Troubleshooting

MP3-MP4 Players

When do I need to install the driver on my computer?

You do not need to install the driver if your OS is Win2000 or WinXP. You only need to install driver if you are using Win95/98

Why my player does not turn on?

- The battery level may be too low. Try charging the player or operate the player on AC power.
- Ensure that the Lock switch is disengaged
- Reset the player ( use a pin to press the Reset button on the rear of the player) and try again.

Noise in playing?

The damage music files may utter noise, or dicontinued sound output. Check whether the earphone is connected . There is inpurity in the jack /terminal in the earphone and there is noise.

There is no sound during playback?

- Check the volume level
- Ensure that the headphone are attached securely to the player.

How to transfer files to the player?

- Ensure that your computer is running a supported operating system.
- If you are running WIN 98SE, ensure that USB driver has been properly installed.
- Attach USB cable to the player and PC.
- Ensure that the player's memory capacity is not full.
- Ensure that there are less than 2500 items loaded on the player.

FM radio is not clear

- Adjust the distance of earphone string’s direction and player.
- Adjust the position of the earphone and player.

GPS Navigation Systems

How does it work?

- GPS receivers integrate a radio and a navigation computer and can receive the faint, twenty-watt signals coming from the satellites. The computer uses these signals to calculate the distance between the satellites and the receiver. With this information, the computer can further calculate the position and velocity of the receiver. The number of satellites visible to a receiver constantly varies between four and eleven according to time and location.
- Each satellite broadcasts a number of unique spread-spectrum codes, but only one, the Coarse Acquisition (C/A) code, is easily accessible for civilian use. The C/A in orbit 11,000 miles above earth, GPS satellites transmit at twenty watts a number of unique spread-spectrum code. The number of satellites visible to a GPS receiver constantly varies between four and eleven according to time and location. Code is effectively a timing signal synchronized to an international time standard-Universal Coordinated Time (UCT). UCT is kept by a world-wide ensemble of cesium and hydrogen maser frequency standard atomic docks. The highest-quality GPS receivers measure the C/A code to better-than- nanosecond precision.

Where can GPS work?

- GPS reception is available around the globe. You will need to have a clear view of the skies so the receiver can triangulate at least three satellites. An office window works well, but you may have problems receiving signals in the inner area of buildings. In general, metal and masonry block GPS signals, while glass, wood, or plastic does not.
- Under specific conditions, GPS will not provide the time. For instance, the 1,542 MHz GPS signal does not penetrate buildings, which makes it difficult to receive signals indoors away from windows. Also the signal can be critically weakened by heavy foliage and interfered with by other sources such as poorly maintained television broadcasting equipment.

What Is GPS?

- The Navigation Satellite Timing And Range Global Positioning System, or NAVSTAR GPS, is a satellite based radio-navigation system that is capable of providing extremely accurate worldwide, 24 hour, 3-dimensional locational data (latitude, longitude, and elevation). The system was designed and is maintained by the US Department of Defense (DOD) as an accurate, all weather, navigation system. Though designed as a military system, it is freely available with certain restrictions to civilians for positioning. The system has reached the Final Operational Capability (FOC) stage, meaning the system has a complete set of at least 24 satellites orbiting the earth in a carefully designed pattern. As of November 1995, there were 25 healthy satellites broadcasting signals enabling 3D positioning 24hours a day.

How do I connect a GPS receiver with a serial port to my USB port?

- Many new PCs (especially laptops) have USB ports but do not have the standard 9-pin serial ports found on older computers. This presents a problem because most of the GPS manufacturers don't make data cables that terminate with USB plugs. Unfortunately, we have noticed that the USB-Serial converters often cause computer crashes. We are working hard to resolve this problem.

How do I avoid losing a GPS signal?

- A GPS receiver only works outside because it needs a line-of-site path to the GPS satellites. Any object can block the line-of-site - trees, buildings, roofs, bags, bodies, even clothes. For cyclists, the best place to place your GPS is mounted on your handlebar. Or we have found that placed in the back pocket on your jersey, facing up to the sky produces an acceptable signal. Runners should strap their GPS on their arms or wrists. Many new devices come with straps that make this easy and convenient while running.





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